Posts by Nicole Pohlschmidt, Qualified Nurse

Since 2018 Nicole Pohlschmidt (Hehn) has been sharing her experiences within the pharmaceutical industry at EVER Neuro Pharma as the “International Nursing & Application Manager”. In this position she is training healthcare professionals in Parkinson´s disease, apomorphine treatment and also supporting business partners in implementing homecare structures in accordance with their local healthcare systems all over the world.Nicole Pohlschmidt (Hehn) started her career as an apprenticeship nurse in Munich and obtained her degree as Qualified Nurse in 2006. From 2006 to 2011 she worked in a neurological hospital specialised in Parkinson´s disease and movement disorders. In 2012 she decided to continue her career in the homecare industry for a German company looking after Apomorphine patients. Within this position she was promoted in 2014 to the position as “Head of Nurses” and was looking after a team of nurses and application specialists across Germany and Austria.

Needle Length & Gauge

According to the different market around the world, a mass of different catheters are available- steel needles, Teflon needles, needles with or without applicators.

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Cherry Pit Pillow/Warm Compresses

Cherry pit pillows and warm compresses are useful in circulation disorders and to aid accelerate the absorption of the drug in the skin.

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Adhesive Foils

Adhesive foils can be used in Apomorphine treatment for protecting the needle from water or in case of allergic reactions cause of the infusion line needle glue.

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Skin Massage

Patients who are treated by Apomorphine continuous infusion therapy sometime could have side effects like nodules.

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